Valsen Fiduciaries Funds

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About Valsen Fiduciaries

Valsen Fiduciaries is an independent global service provider of comprehensive investment support solutions that aims to provide client focused services. We are at the heart of financial services and our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We develop solutions to meet their challenges.

Our Approach

Valsen Fiduciaries is an independent global service provider of a broad range of fiduciary, administrative, legal, corporate secretarial and support services. We provide entity administration services including company, trust and fund administration services, assurance services, and outsourcing services.

Fund Administration

We collaborate with investment managers and investors to grow their businesses and guide them through the ever-increasing complexities associated with regulatory change and the associated operational requirements. Our suite of services customized for managers and investors include accounting services, external valuation services, customised data extract reporting, corporate action processing and verification, accountable valuation services, financial reporting services among others.


Valsen’s fund administration services can help you comply with regulatory, financial and tax reporting requirements. Whatever your goals and strategies, we can support your needs, from a traditional investment approach to complex and hybrid multi-manager and pooled fund structures.

Our broad range of services includes the setup and maintenance of:


Bank Accounts

Collective Investments

Intellectual Property Registrations

Trusts and Foundations

Online Payment Gateways

Banking, PSP, E-Money & E- Wallet Licenses

Yacht and Aircraft

Cryptocurrency Solutions