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Corporate Governance Advisory

Corporate governance best practices ensure a structure that benefits the shareholders, the trustees, the fund’s management, employees, and customers by ensuring that the organization follows the highest ethical standards as well as formal laws and regulations.

Valsen Fiduciaries corporate governance advisory service helps companies adjust their corporate governance to make it more efficient and value-adding. The advisory services can contribute to increasing corporate output and securing a long-term competitive edge through better strategic decisions.

These practices involve operational and legal procedures that address issues including the composition of the board, auditing guidelines, risk mitigation, as well as trustee and management code of conduct.

Valsen has the experience and knowledge to assist mutual funds in the creation, implementation, and execution of corporate governance principles that guide trustees and officers through the complex and challenging business landscape. Our corporate governance team, staffed with professionals, can assist mutual funds in the following areas.

  • Equity Plan Analysis
  • Shareholder Engagement
  • Governance Consulting
Fund Administration

How Valsen supports you

Our experienced consultant helps our clients to identify improvements on their management and control system. The main emphasis here is on the board structure and its way of operating, internal control mechanisms, transparency and disclosure and the company relationship to shareholders.

  • We provide our clients with a corporate governance development plan with solutions that can be prioritised in line with urgency and importance for their business requirements.
  • Our clients decide how to proceed with the recommendations and which ones they wish to realize.
  • During the implementation phase, Valsen remains their sparring partner and is always on hand to support our clients in developing and managing further projects to be realized.