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Fund Accounting & NAV Production Services

Our fund accounting team services the full range of investment fund structures in an environment of ever-increasing global regulatory constraints. Valsen’s fully integrated global fund accounting system and high-speed, real-time processing enables the delivery of accurate financial information, multi-currency transaction processing and flexible valuation periods.

NAV services delivers a reputable operating model and eliminates the need for servicing firms to undertake a process re-engineering exercise to increase efficiency in the following activities:

  1. Real-time monitoring of all upstream process dependencies including transaction entry, market price availability, corporate action processing and reconciliation breaks
  2. Execution of Market Data Validationsto verify accuracy of reference data such as market prices and benchmarks
  3. Execution of Asset Level Validations to verify the accuracy of imported holdings, valuations and transaction movements
  4. Import of NAVs and Unit Prices from mainstream asset accounting platforms, or calculation of NAVs and Unit Prices within Control to overcome external system constraints
  5. Execution of NAV Movement Analysisto verify movements
  6. Approval and release of the NAV and Unit Price values
  7. Automated NAV Dissemination of NAV values and Unit Prices to clients and their stakeholders
Fund Administration

Our Dedication

Valsen Fiduciaries is dedicated to provide Fund Accounting and NAV Production services including but not limited to the below:

Transparency into the net asset value (NAV) calculation

Support complex investment types

Quality fee calculations across fund domiciles, jurisdictions and entity types

Coordinated global execution

Advise on differentiated industry portfolio