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Fund AIFMD Advisory

Valsen Fiduciaries, a leading corporate service provider providing quality and efficient AIFMD advisory services as one of its service pillars. The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) introduces a harmonized regulatory and supervisory framework that will affect alternative investment funds (AIFs) and managers (AIFMs) that operate and market in the EU.

With the exception of UCITS, the AIFMD covers all funds marketed in Europe. The governance and organizational structure required of AIFMs represent a significant change for most AIFMs that were previously not subject to regulation, or subject to light regulation. AIFMs also need to comply with detailed conduct of business requirements. These requirements are comparable to those applicable to a UCITS management company while some go beyond UCITS requirements.

Rather than viewing the Directive as purely a compliance burden, Valsen has identified ways that the Directive can increase business opportunities. These include, among others, regaining investors’ trust, accessing European markets and reaching out to new ones.

Fund Administration
Valsen can help to implement the Directive by:
  1. Calculation, review of Asset under Management (AUM) to determine whether a fund or a fund manager falls above or below the Directive threshold.
  2. Understanding your strategy and your clients’ needs.
  3. Assessing the impact, gap analysis, and suggestions for an improvement plan.
  4. Assistance in implementation and prioritizing actions based on costs, benefits and timing. Inclusion of experts in relation to depositary reporting and other relevant areas.
  5. Ongoing support and suggestions for efficiency optimization and assistance for your teams and client service offerings.