Valsen Fiduciaries Funds

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Fund Back-office Services

Through Valsen Fiduciaries, our fund back- office services allow fund managers to focus on executing their investment strategies and raising assets instead of time-consuming, gathering and aggregation of data to support risk measurement procedures to meet growing investor reporting requirements.

With Valsen, fund back-office functions translates to a higher degree of transparency into the management of the fund operations, and a significant reduction in operating risks and costs.

Some of our fund back-office services include:

  1. Fund/Indices Performance Tracking
  2. Fund Exposure Tracking Service
  3. Trade Position Processing
  4. Document Management service
  5. Net Assets Valuation (NAV) Calculation
  6. Shadow Net Assets Valuation (NAV) Calculation
  7. Data Reconciliation Services
  8. Fund Profit and Loss allocation
  9. Financial Statements Preparation
  10. Manager and Incentive Fees Calculation
  11. Audit Support
  12. Contact Data Research
  13. Automated corporate action reports
  14. Unlimited aggregation, segregation, sorting and subtotaling of portfolio data within a client database
Fund Administration