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Fund Directorship Services

Valsen Fiduciaries provides individuals to act as professional independent directors and offer in-depth knowledge and practical experience of the fund formation, structuring, administration and regulation of investment vehicles worldwide. Our independent fund directors showcase a strong value in all that they contribute to, as they are confident in their abilities whilst being independent, qualified, experienced and responsive.
They are supported in their crucial responsibility by Valsen who provides the necessary required information to ensure their independent analysis and decision process. Our fund directors are qualified persons who are ultimately responsible for the management and conduct of the fund’s affairs. The directors may be executive and non-executive.
Fund Administration
Our directors will perform key duties summarised as follows:

Fiduciary duties

  1. To act bona fide in what you consider to be the best interests of the Fund
  2. To exercise powers under the Articles for the purposes for which they are conferred
  3. To avoid conflict between the interests of the fund interests and making sure that any such conflicts are properly disclosed

Duties of skill and care

  1. To acquire and maintain a sufficient knowledge of the business of the fund on a continuing basis
  2. To supervise the discharge of functions which have been delegated to advisers and service providers

Statutory obligations

  1. To maintain the Register of Members, the Register of Directors and Officers and the Register of mortgages and charges
  2. To maintain proper books of account for the fund
  3. To comply with the Money Laundering regulations