Valsen Fiduciaries Funds

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Fund Custodial Services

At Valsen, we offer fund custodial services. The core functions of custody services is settlement, safekeeping and reporting. It is what happens after the decision to buy or sell securities has been taken by the client or client’s agent. This process involves settlement for trades carried out on funds, where we are the custodians.

In the case of a registered security, we receive the documents of title from the issuer, keep in safe custody and maintain a record. Thereafter we monitor any declarations regarding entitlements and the eventual payment.

Our custody services are designed to meet the requirements of corporate, high net worth and retail customers investing in the local, regional and offshore capital and money markets.

Our core custody services include:

  1. Safekeeping of securities
  2. Settlement of investment transactions
  3. Capital and Income collection (e.g. Dividends, Interest income)
  4. Corporate Actions processing
  5. Proxy voting services
  6. Compliance monitoring
  7. Activity reporting
  8. Corporate trustee services
  9. Central depository agency services
Fund Administration

By using our custody services, you will benefit from:

  1. Timely and efficient settlement of transactions by a skilled and experienced team of industry specialists.
  2. Customized services structured to meet your individual objectives.