Valsen Fiduciaries Funds

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Fund Insurance Services

The provision of management liability insurance products for fund vehicles and investment managers is one of Valsen’s core areas of expertise. Our fund insurance services cover claims arising from wrongful acts on the part of corporate entities and their directors and officers, regulatory, crime and employment liability issues on and off shore.

At Valsen we have a network of insurance brokers who develop in-house insurance contracts designed specifically to respond to the liability issues faced by the managers and directors of funds.

The Professional Indemnity Covers:

  1. Errors and omissions cover
  2. Cover for loss of documents including costs and expenses in replacing or restoring such documents
  3. Cover for forged securities and fraudulent instructions by employees
  4. Expenses are covered for official investigations, Ombudsman and other legal fees
  5. Cover of mitigation costs – primarily for trade errors
  6. Loss of documents evidencing title of assets
  7. Negligent misrepresentations or misleading statements made to the regulators or its investors
  8. Breach of legal and regulatory obligations
  9. Breach of duty of skill and care
  10. Breach of fiduciary duties
  11. Breach of confidentiality
  12. Failure to implement and maintain procedures to prevent fraud
  13. Negligent valuation of assets or calculation of unit or share price
Fund Administration