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Fund Launch Services

Valsen Fiduciaries (Seychelles) Ltd recognizes that one of the most critical, but often overlooked, decisions facing clients is finding a service provider that offers accurate, dependable, responsive and comprehensive Fund launch services since the ability to sustain a fund launch beyond the first year is a challenging feat, and the barriers to entry in the fund space are higher than ever.

Asset managers that launch funds without considering operational requirements risk putting an unbalanced operating model in place, increasing the chance of failure over time.
Before launching a fund, Valsen ensures that Asset managers must understand the major operational considerations that can contribute to success or failure when launching a fund.
This is because many asset managers tend to focus their time on the strategy, capital raising and marketing of the fund. While these are important components, they will not be sustainable without the appropriate technology platforms, third-party vendors, business processes and human capital. It is critical not to underestimate the importance of planning and building out the infrastructure of the fund.

Fund Administration

Successful Fund Launch Services
Valsen Fiduciaries will ensure that Asset managers:

  • Confirm fund strategy by gathering firm leadership to review business plan to understand the vision and goals, including growth targets, trading strategies, complete inventory of the financial products and anticipated trading volumes;
  • Define operating models (initial and long term) by
    • Designing long-term operating model (people, process, data and technology), defining business functions and identifying and mapping out key processes
    • Define in-house vs. outsourced functions Design initial operating model (people, process, data and technology) by refining the list of functions and processes and developing a formalized initial operating model. They also need to document high-level business process workflows
    • Design high-level organization structure by defining governance structure, identifying roles and responsibilities and creating organization chart
    • Define initial organization structure by refining roles to support initial operating model and creating initial organization chart
  • Select service providers: Identify providers, conduct demos and develop high-level request for proposal (RFP)
  • Determine initial operating model road map which will document road map to achieve initial operating models.

The starting point for the fund launch process is to build out, share the long-term vision for the fund, and obtain buy-in from all key stakeholders. This includes agreement on the trading strategies, growth targets, financial products and anticipated trading volumes. Often, fund managers move forward with launching the fund without finalizing the strategy or fail to consider the operational impact of changes to the strategy in the future.
Once the long-term vision is determined, the manager can begin to build out the business, function by function, and agree on which functions should be kept in-house vs. outsourced. It is critical to thoroughly document the operating model to set the road map for the strategic vision.


The senior management team at Valsen Fiduciaries (Seychelles) Ltd has a long history in the financial services industry providing investor recordkeeping, accounting and administration services to funds. Our team has experience in every facet of fund administration and servicing, handling clients as diverse as stand-alone hedge funds to multi-layered master-feeder structures. We have the depth of knowledge and the experienced staff that differentiates us in providing a service platform that is specific to your operating environment. We will therefore assist with all the above.