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Fund liquidation services

Valsen Fiduciaries as a corporate service provider aim at ensuring it services its clients with world class service provision that meets their needs on a timely and cost effective manner. We at Valsen Fiduciaries undertake the liquidation process in close cooperation with the central administration of the investment fund that is placed into liquidation.

Companies can face liquidation due to various challenges, some of which include:

  • Insufficient critical mass
  • Funds undergo restructuring
  • Sector deterioration
  • Regional economic deterioration
  • Over-abundance of products
  • Substitution by other products
Fund Administration
Valsen Fiduciaries fund liquidation services include:
  • Reviewing of NAV and assess value of assets in the liquidation context
  • Assessing the liquidation costs and ensure proper recording
  • Analyzing of specific transactions close to liquidation date
  • Analyzing of related party transactions and significant redemptions
  • Organizing sale of semi-liquid assets on secondary market
  • Management of assets in a prudent and efficient manner to generate revenue over the liquidation period
  • Disposing of illiquid assets thanks to distributions in kind or write off
  • Planning and distribution of surplus assets to stakeholders as quickly as possible (i.e. authorize advance distributions of cash; payment of creditor claims)
  • Ensuring accuracy of NAV statements prepared by central administrations used for the liquidation reporting
  • Negotiation or Termination of all contracts between the fund and third parties (i.e. custodian, transfer agent, advisory etc.)
  • Preparation of shareholder information and AGM / EGM
  • Reporting and finalization of liquidation