Valsen Fiduciaries Funds

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Fund Litigation & Dispute Resolution Services

Valsen Fiduciaries Litigation team has unparalleled experience in handling disputes in all jurisdictions. Our clients include major financial institutions, trust companies, regulators, public authorities, prosecutors and high-net-worth individuals.

Our expertise covers:

  1. Banking Finance & Securities Disputes
  2. Commercial & Contract Disputes
  3. Commercial Arbitration 
  4. Employment Disputes
  5. Fund Disputes
  6. Public Law Litigation
  7. Real Estate Litigation
  8. Trust disputes

Our Fund litigation team and partners including lawyers all have considerable experience and are highly regarded for their work. Our team plays a leading role in the many of the largest and most high-profile disputes in cross-border cases that require rapid and efficient coordinated advice.

Fund Administration
Valsen is dedicated to offer Fund Litigation and disputes resolution services which include but not limited to:
  1. Investor disputes
  2. Claims against directors and service providers
  3. Enforceability of side letters
  4. Fraud and mismanagement of assets
  5. Restructuring of distressed funds
  6. Redemption issues
  7. Shareholders’ rights
  8. Valuation issues
  9. Winding-up and dissolution of insolvent funds