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Fund Marketing Services

Valsen Fiduciaries (Seychelles) Ltd delivers a range of fund marketing support services that allows asset managers to enhance communication with prospective investors, actively engage with fund consultants, and grow assets under management besides editing and designing a wide range of capital market reports and collateral for clients.

We remain committed to offering the best possible quality of service to our clients, which is based on research and industry knowledge as well as logical target driven approach.

Fund Marketing Services Strategies

  1. Building brand: This internal discipline yields a unified view and clear expression of what your firm seeks to achieve for investors, how it addresses that goal, what makes it uniquely qualified to achieve that goal, and why investors should select and trust the fund.

  2. Creating a bona fide website, not a proxy: Websites are the mother ship of market transparency. The fund should be willing to provide on its website essential information related to its capabilities and credibility.

  3. Leveraging fund’s intellectual capital. This strategy leverages knowledge and ideas to engage target audiences. Effective thought leadership can involve a broad range of marketing tactics, but should always be designed to achieve measurable business goals.

  4. Merchandising conference participation. Investor conferences are high-cost tactics that can be effective for funds. However, sometimes these events often yield low results because funds fail to properly re-purpose the related thought leadership they have produced, which can serve as raw material to influence target audiences that are much larger, and sometimes of higher value, than those in attendance at the conference.

Fund Administration

Valsen will therefore assist with the following Fund Marketing Services:

  • Automating fund factsheets that are consistent with clients’ branding guidelines

  • Support across low, medium and complex RFP’s that allows shorter time to market and enhances win ratio

  • Support across various complexity levels and within stipulated timelines for enhanced client servicing

  • Leverage our expertise to source data from standard and non-standard data sources and update information across 40+ consultant databases