Valsen Fiduciaries Funds

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Fund Payment Processing Services

Valsen provides complete solution regarding Fund Payment processing for Asset Managers, we have the calibre to offer accurate and result-oriented services.

Our fund payment processing services are as follows:

Online transactions

We provide an enabling environment for existing fund investors as well as new ones to use a Unified Payment Interface (UPI) as a payment option. This enables investors to invest a lump sum amount or via Systematic Investment Plan (first instalment) using the UPI interface.

The investor can access the fund website and click on online transactions. Existing investors can enter login credentials or basic details to access the folio and additional purchase or new purchase and enter scheme and amount details.

When it comes to making payments, the investor can choose a payment option by clicking on UPI as payment mode. Once this is done, the investor will be prompted to enter his Virtual Payment Address to initiate the UPI transaction.

An authentication message will be sent to the investor. The investor has to then open the app and go to pending UPI transactions.

Fund Administration