Valsen Fiduciaries Funds

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Fund Structuring Solutions

Valsen Fiduciaries delivers comprehensive fund structuring advice and services to the international traditional and alternative investment fund industries.

Our team works closely with our clients. It is of utmost importance to tailor the fund structure in accordance to our clients’ needs, advising on the choice of fund jurisdiction by analyzing taxation, regulations and other factors, the choice of the Fund’s legal form, the drafting of the fund constitutional and offering documents, and generally on every choice of participant in the fund so that the long-term objectives of the fund and its investors are best served.

Our experience in structuring turnkey fund vehicles and our ability to create specific fund administration solutions for specific challenges make Valsen the first choice in structuring funds.

Fund Administration

Our Fund Structuring Services include:

  1. Advice and assistance on fund structures, jurisdictions and tax implications
  2. Catering to all complex structures ranging from UCITS and non-UCITS open-ended, close-ended, standalone, umbrella, master, feeder, mezzanine, fund of funds and venture capital funds
  3. Follow through the licensing of the fund from start to finish
  4. Preparation of scheme particulars/prospectus and related documentation
  5. Obtaining a Stock Exchange listing
  6. Domiciliary services
  7. Smooth transitioning from other administrators and progress updates on every step
  8. Assistance with board meetings
  9. Provision of custody solutions through our cooperation and agreements with highly reputable custodians