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Fund Taxation Advisory

Basic decisions made in designing the overall tax system for individuals and enterprises frame the design of a tax regime for investment funds. Decisions are required on such questions as how to tax dividends and interest received by individuals and enterprises, whether to integrate the individual and enterprise tax regimes, how to tax capital gains and losses, how to tax foreign source income, and whether and how to adjust for inflation.

Valsen Fiduciaries provides investment funds industry with a broad range of services to respond to a fast and ever-changing environment.

Within the framework defined by these decisions, the choice of tax rules for investment funds requires balancing three objectives: first, not to hamper the development of financial intermediaries, such as investment funds; second, to devise tax rules that are comparable to those that apply to other investments; and, third, to adopt tax rules that can be administered and enforced.

Valsen offers its international clients a holistic range of fully integrated tax services that are tailor-made for their individual needs. The approach we give provides sustainable solutions on corporate and private client services, for both local and international tax matters. Our firm is dedicated to assist our clients to catch up with fast-changing business matters, mitigate tax exposure and therefore preserve and extend their wealth.

Fund Administration
General tax services include the following:
Fund Administration

Corporate Tax Services

  • Corporate Tax Advisory
  • Local and International Tax Structuring
  • Direct and Indirect Tax Compliance
  • Advice on tax arbitrage and tax mitigation policies at all stages of a business structuring and transaction, including cross-border transactions and international tax planning services.
Fund Administration
Personal Tax Service
  • Wealth Management Services for High-Net-Worth Individuals
  • Personal Tax Compliance
Fund Administration
Liquidity Management services
Helping the CFO of a company to manage short term assets and liabilities and have the optimum amount of working capital .e.g. moving funds between different global accounts held by the client and investing excess cash to earn income, cash forecasting tools etc.
Fund Administration
  • Tax assistance in the decision making process as regards the business model under the fund analysis of recommendation on preferred domicile for management companies, tax consequences of delocalization/transfer of business; analysis of/recommendation on preferred domicile for funds; report on tax consequences of restructuring fund ranges.
  • Tax assistance in implementation of business model – tax and VAT optimization, review of agreements from tax and VAT perspective, prior tax clearance from tax authorities, communication with investors
  • VAT Compliance