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Fund Technology and Software Solutions

Valsen Fiduciaries covers the full spectrum, supporting all product types and all asset classes on a unique, single platform outsourced for our clients. Clients choose us because they know we can support all their fund administration requirements, both now and in the future.

Through a strong partnership with the technology specialists, we ensure that we provide the best functionality, flexibility and extensive capability in our industry to deliver significant operational efficiency gains by replacing fragmented legacy systems and manual processes with a single, global platform.

We partner with dedicated software specialists and ensure that our goals are aligned with those of our clients in providing market-leading products and transforming your fund administration activity with sophisticated workflow, production and control techniques.

Our commitment to using the best technology in the industry sets it apart from other fund administrators. We are constantly evaluating new products and ideas to give our clients the very best service we can offer.

Fund Administration
Fund Administration
Fund Accounting Software
The Fund Accounting Software is the complete back office solution for your firm. It delivers immediate, real-time analysis by any metric pertinent to your business. Fund accounting solution provides the operational efficiency and seamless control that allows accounting and finance teams to manage their daily activities with ease.
Fund Administration
CRM Software
CRM Solution provides all of the features and functions needed to support your front & middle office. From your fund raising & marketing efforts to your deal pipeline process, as well as providing everything your Investor Relations team might need to keep your Investors completely up to date. CRM also includes seamless integration with both our Investor and Fund-Raising Web Portals so information can be published securely and with ease.
Fund Administration
Portfolio Monitoring Software
Portfolio monitoring solution takes out the stress of performance data collection allowing a workflow driven dialogue with the Portfolio Company and tools to ensure data consistency and quality. Coupled with the Business Intelligence solution you will have a centralized, dedicated database with which to aggregate and calculate key performance indicators, generate consolidated reports and deliver live dashboards.
Fund Administration
Business Intelligence Software

We believe that the true measure of a system is how easy it is to get data out – not how easy it is to get data in. The Business Intelligence Software is complemented with a suite of industry standard tools, technologies and standard reports to ensure you focus on emerging trends and business critical data. Business Intelligence transforms your information into rich visuals for you to focus, analyse and act upon.

We have a suite of tools to cater to all of your reporting needs – whether it is the normal reports, investor notice, investment schedule, portfolio analysis, financial statement, investor query, audit report or enterprise dashboard.