Valsen Fiduciaries Funds

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Fund Trustee Services

Valsen Fiduciaries Fund trustee services are provided in accordance with the highest standards of corporate governance, transparency, administration and accounting experience, which ensures accurate monitoring of fund assets. A trustee is a person or firm that holds and administers property or assets for the benefit of a third party. Trustees are trusted to make decisions in the beneficiary’s best interests and often have a fiduciary responsibility to the trust beneficiaries.

A Fund Trustee service provider should have no conflicts of interest and always act in the best interests of the beneficiaries of the trust. Independence from investment, legal or accounting advisors is critical and should be an absolute requirement by persons seeking to establish and manage a trust.

Valsen Fiduciaries Fund trustee services vary depending on the type of structure established.

Fund Administration
They include:
  • Trustee compliance including:
    1. Monitoring of the fund, the manager, administrator, custodian and any other providers, including monitoring of adherence to investment objectives.
    2. Review and assurance of safekeeping of assets, including title verification and liaison with custodian and other parties as required.
    3. Oversight of governance arrangements and investment decisions.
    4. Regular interface and communication with the manager, administrator and custodian, as required, to ensure smooth operation of the structure.
    5. Producing offer documents.
  • Provision and management of trustee meetings and custodian services.
  • Preserving client’s wealth while offering greater flexibility over the management and distribution of client’s assets and offering management of external service providers.
  • Responsible for the compliance and governance of the trust.
  • Ensure that the trust operates within the confines of its trust deed, disclosure documents and adheres to legislative and regulatory requirements of the law.
  • Providing fund and unit accounting and registry services.