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Fund Valuation Services

Independent estimates enhance the confidence of all parties in the reasonableness of overall portfolio valuation of illiquid assets. They also help assure compliance with a fund’s applicable accounting standards. Investment funds can provide comfort to their investors, auditors, and fund managers by seeking independent fair value estimates.

Valsen Fiduciaries fund valuation services for fund managers include periodic independent reviews of management determinations of value. These services are cost-effective and include a series of established procedures designed to provide both internal and investor confidence in fair value determinations.

Procedures include the verification of analytics, financial analysis, independent analysis of public guideline or comparable companies and private transactions, evaluating income methods (capitalization or discounted cash flow), tests of internal consistency in valuation, and other techniques based on our years of experience in valuing illiquid, alternative investments.

Our experience ranges across family partnerships, private equity funds, hedge funds, real estate funds, venture capital funds and fund of funds. We also provides valuation services for fund principals, the funds themselves and their portfolio companies.

The growing number of private equity funds together with more stringent regulation forces fund services providers and management companies to take actions with regards to their processes and policies to mitigate the risks associated with this activity.

Among others, the complexity of the valuation of unquoted, illiquid investments implied by the diversity of such assets and the extent of professional judgment it involves appears to be a major challenge for the future of the private equity industry.

Fund Administration

Our Solution

  • We offer an integrated solution for fund services providers regarding alternative investment valuation services
  • We issue private equity investments valuation reports or provide our clients with cost effective valuation co-sourcing alternatives in case of lack of internal expertise and appropriate resources.
  • We act as a third party expert to understand and mitigate risks and reduce potential conflicts of interest between management and reporting teams.
  • We share a strong experience in the preparation and audit of valuation models and knowledge of regulatory requirements.