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Fund Virtual Office Services

Valsen Fiduciaries recognizes that for many clients it is not practical, cost effective or convenient to maintain their own physical offices. As a consequence we offer a virtual office service utilizing our modern offices and leading technology. We make available our extensive resources to clients in order that they may continue their day to day activities in a professional manner without the need or cost of a physical presence.
Virtual offices can do a variety of things. They can give a start-up business instant credibility simply by providing a prestigious address. And they can do much more, providing a wide range of services from a distance. Virtual offices can provide three main broad types of services as below:
Fund Administration
Fund Administration
Registered business address services

This is perfect for a home-based business that wants to be taken more seriously, or that needs to in order to compete. With an official address at a prime location, it could appear to be more established. Business address services offer an extensive range of items. Among them:

  1. Local mail drop-off and pick-up
  2. Onsite locked mailboxes
  3. Mail forwarding
  4. Courier management
  5. Round-the-clock access to the building
  6. Access to other virtual office locations in the provider’s network
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Meeting Room Services
This enables companies to gain access to conference rooms and office space. A business support center can provide many things, including color printing, fax machines, office supplies and shipping services. Conference rooms can be booked per day, per hour or available in a bundled package. Video conferencing tools and presentation tools are included. Other services include catering for meetings and valet services.
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Reporting Services
Under this the service provider helps the client consolidate its receivables and payable positions across the countries of operation, across various currencies and reports a net payable / receivable position in each currency. This is very useful in making business decisions on FX and capital management. Rather than purchasing the required currency in small bits and pieces across the globe.
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Communication Services
A long list of communication services can include automated call answering, call forwarding, and live phone answering, outbound calling, and voicemail (including voicemail-to-email and voicemail-to-text delivery).Virtual offices can be cost-effective and flexible; small businesses can choose a la carte items, or take a comprehensive suite of services.